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Spirit of ADA Nominations 2022

Spirit of the ADA Award

The Vermont “Spirit of the ADA” Award is given to employers who reflect the spirit of the Americans with Disabilities Act in their employment practices. Successfully meeting any of the following criteria qualifies for eligibility to be nominated:

1) Recruitment outreach and equal accessibility in the application, interviewing, and hiring procedures for people with disabilities. This includes the use of available programs and/or other recruitment practices that cast a wide net for including people with disabilities in the applicant pool.

2) Use of on-the-job accommodations, modifications, progressive employment methods, and/or creative solutions for successful training and employment of people with disabilities. This may include such initiatives as the use of a job coach, documented roles/responsibilities, targeted job training program that responds to individual learning needs and styles, etc. This may also include the integration of disability awareness and disability etiquette in the orientation and training of all employees.

3) Accessible physical structures, buildings, work stations and equipment, and services; user-friendly website for people with disabilities. Examples include the modification of work stations, work tasks, etc. to accommodate employees to ensure professional success.

4) Support for the employment of a person(s) with disability as an overall employment strategy and as a favorable business decision. This includes the execution of creative programs or solutions with a “think outside the box” mentality to address the unique employment challenges of employees with disabilities. Evidence of favorable business outcomes for this strategy may include retention, absenteeism rates, success in meeting roles/responsibilities via performance reviews, and customer satisfaction.

David Sagi Memorial Spirit of the ADA Award

The Governor’s Committee on Employment for People with Disabilities (GCEPD), in honor of the late David Sagi, will inaugurate The Sagi Accessibility Spirit of the ADA Award. The award will be bestowed upon an employer who makes a special effort to make the business accessible to employees with disabilities. David’s approach to advocating for accessibility was practical, non-confrontational and cooperative. He encouraged and convinced many that accessibility for all benefits all. The Sagi Accessibility Award recognizes employers who view accessible workplaces as a win-win to obtaining and retaining employees with disabilities.

To nominate an individual or business for consideration of these awards, please provide us with the information requested below no later than August 31, 2022

Nominator Name (Employer):
Nominee (Employee/Person to Receive Award):
Provide a short narrative describing why recognition is deserved.
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