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Our Mission and Vision

The mission of the Governor's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities is to promote equal employment for all citizens of Vermont by advising the Governor on current issues affecting employment of people with disabilities, and through partnerships between business, government and people with disabilities.

On December 8, 2009, as part of our strategic planning process, the following vision was adopted by the Committee:

"Barrier Free Employment for ALL Vermonters"

More about the GCEPD:


Members of the Governor's Committee for the Employment of People with Disabilities


Donna Curtin

From Montpelier, VT

Occupation: Field Services Manager

I entered the field of vocational rehabilitation in 1994. Presently the Field Services Manager with Voc Rehab Vermont, formerly: co-owner of a disability case management company, I assisted injured workers return to work through the Vermont Department of Labor Workers' Compensation system; and previously: a Transition Counselor with State of Vermont Voc Rehab, as well as management of Supported Employment Programs, grant writing and oversight, and supervision of case managers, job developers, and job coaches. I wanted to utilize my experience and employer network to impact efforts towards employment for all Vermonters.


Alex Brett

From Williston, Vermont

Occupation- Advertising Representative Business People- Vermont Magazine

I joined GCPD to advocate for equal opportunity employment for people with disabilities. Also to advocate for legislation to favorably change laws that affect those with disabilities.


Robert E. Burke

From Cabot, Vermont

Occupation: Director, Office of Veterans Affairs

Why did you decide to join the Governor’s Committee? A representative from the office was legislated for membership in 2015. That being said, it is another great opportunity to connect with veterans and all those affected by physical or psychological barriers that can sometimes prevent employers from seeing their true worth.


Eileen Casey 

From Williston, Vermont

Occupation: Account Executive, WCAX.

Why did you decide to join the Governor’s Committee? As a business person with a disability, I would like to encourage people with disabilities to find meaningful employment and educate businesses to hire people with disabilities providing resources, support, and outreach.

Diane Dalmasse

From Stowe, Vermont

Occupation:  Director of Voc Rehab Vermont

Why did you join the GCEPD:  The mission of Voc Rehab is to assist people with disabilities to have meaningful work and opportunities for advancement and to assist employers to enable employers to recruit, train, retain and promote employees with disabilities.  


Diane Dolan

From Elmore, Vermont

Occupation: Copley Hospital: Health Information Management Dept – Manager, Compliance Officer, and HIPAA Privacy Officer

I became aware of GCEPD Committee working at Copley Hospital.  The VP of Human Resources was a member of the committee and she would share with me all the positive workings of the team.  She was my go-to person to help with any ADA accommodations brought to my attention and a whole new world opened to me.  She recommended me to the committee and the education of the GCEPD is endless and worthwhile for all Vermonter’s.  I also have a son that experienced a traumatic accident, leaving him a quadriplegic. 


Fred Jones

From Worcester, VT

Occupation: State of Vermont—Director of the Division for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Why did you decide to join the Governor’s Committee? I believe that individuals with disabilities offer great value to the workforce. I also believe that the GCEPD plays an important role for promoting the employment of people with disabilities. As a member of this Committee, I have the opportunity to strategize with other members who have the same goals.


Shirley Katz

From Williston, VT

Occupation: Retired, Public Health Nutritionist/Senior Field Representative, U.S. Census Bureau

Why did you decide to join the Governor’s Committee?  My husband has a low vision disability. We became active in various groups in Vermont for the Blind and Visually Impaired. Through my contacts, I learned how living and working with a disability impacts one’s employment. I am on the Committee representing people with disabilities.


Sam Liss

From Sunderland, VT

Occupation: University Professor – pharmacologist, specializing in psychopharmacolgy and neurophysiology.

Why did you decide to join the Governor’s Committee? I also advocate for the best interest of people with disabilities. My main focus of advocacy is increasing opportunities for employment for this population. My general feeling is that such a focus and results of such advocacy will benefit both the individual with a disability and society as a whole. There are positive implications for the economy, for employers, for independent, community-based living, self-sufficiency, decreased public benefits and increased revenue generation. I decided to join the GCEPD to promote such increased opportunities. Although the GCEPD does not externally advocate per se, I thought my efforts for the GCEPD would complement my focused efforts en toto.


Darren McIntyre

From Hampton, NY

Occupation: Assistant Director, UVM Center on Disability & Community Inclusion; Director, Vermont Interdisciplinary Team (VT I-Team); Director, Assistive Technology Project

I joined GCEPD because of the alignment to the CDCI vision, “CDCI envisions a future where all people, including people who experience developmental and other disabilities, are fully included in their home, schools, and communities. We envision a future in which supports and services are available across the span of life, leading to interdependence, self-determination, and inclusion.” Much of the work I do within our projects at CDCI is also connected to providing technical assistance to individuals across various age and needs to help with self-determination, career exploration, and job-specific supports. 


DJ Masi

From Wolcott, VT

Occupation: Business Account Manager, Creative Workforce Solutions, Morrisville

Why did you decide to join the Governor’s Committee? Three years ago, I was asked to join the GCEPD and was very pleased to do so!   The mission and work of the GCEPD blends so well with my work to assist Vermonters with disabilities to obtain and maintain employment.    I enjoy interacting with businesses throughout the Lamoille Valley region, learning about the interesting products and services they provide, building partnerships, exploring all kinds of employment opportunities available, and supporting my coworkers on the CWS Morrisville employment team to refer the very qualified candidates they are working with, leading to positive, long term job matches.   The members of the GCEPD are great people, all committed to this important work-I am fortunate to also be a member!


Jeremy Metcalf

From Milton, VT

Operations Manager for Sodexo at St Michael’s College

I became involved with the Governor’s Committee because as an employer I have had been employing people with disabilities for years and have met many incredible people.  I won an employers’ award from the committee in 2012 and wanted to help other employers have the same positive outcomes that I had experienced.


Marc Prouty

From- Springfield, VT

Occupation: CPhT (Certified Pharmacy Technician) / Manager, River  
Street Pharmacy

Having employed several people with disabilities in my pharmacy for over 5 years, I am truly amazed at the differences made in the lives  
of everyone​ involved. I have had the opportunity to watch these individuals grow on both professional and personal levels, from skill-building to  
teamwork, to​ employer-employee interaction and communication, to broadening social skills. In return, we have gained a valuable, reliable and trusted  
resource for helping us get things done.  I am proud to be involved with the GCEPD, and to aid in whatever ways I can to continue their mission of employing Vermonters with